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August Moon

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I’m so excited to be the interim host of August Moon for 2015 while the amazing Kat takes a break.

August Moon is a writing challenge created by Kat McNally. Kat is a writer whose mission in life is to remind you that you are never alone. She is a beautiful, generous person, a wonderful friend, and it is my hope that I can do August Moon justice as its temporary host.

August Moon will begin on August 15, AEST. This is the date of the new moon in the Southern Hemisphere.  It will continue with daily writing prompts sent by email until the full moon on August 30.

Predominately a reflective writing challenge, August Moon has been created in a way that its one line prompts lend themselves also to creative writing or poetry. You can participate in any way that you like, you may even like to change up your responses to be a mixture of different kinds of writing.

You may wish to take your August Moon journey solo, writing your responses to the prompts in your own private journal or notebook.

Or you may wish to join in with other like-minded souls and blog your response and joining it up to the daily linky her on Wolf and Word. You may like to respond on social media; use the hashtag #Augustmoon15 on Twitter and instagram or tag me (Wolf and Word) in your Facebook posts.

There are many ways to play – it’s completely up to you.

For those of you who do link up to the daily linky there will be a little giveaway. To be eligible you must be signed up to the Wolf and Word mailing list and link up your post to the linky on at least three (3) occasions through the challenge before its completion on August 30 at 9pm AEST. The prize will be revealed shortly, and the giveaway will be drawn at the completion of the challenge.  Update: I am excited to announce that the prize will be a copy of Yumi Sakugawa’s Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe .  It comes highly recommended from Kat and it fits in nicely with the theme of illumination, I mean just look at that gorgeous cover. *

August is a transitory time in both hemispheres. Here in Australia we are moving towards Spring and the light, while those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will be moving out of the high heat of Summer into hopefully a less intense Autumn/Fall.

The theme I’m going for this August Moon is illumination. As we in the Southern Hemisphere make our way out of the darkness of winter we are reaching towards the light and looking to shed some illumination on our paths moving forward. I can also see this theme being relevant to our Northern Hemisphere participants, as they can take the illumination as a lantern to guide them as they head toward the darker seasons.

To join in the fun you will need to sign up to my mailing list, as the prompts are an email exclusive. By signing up to August Moon you will also receive the Wolf and Word writer’s notebook, a monthly newsletter filled with inspiration, writing exercises and fresh writing from around the web. If my newsletter is not your thing simply unsubscribe once the challenge is complete.

I am not a life coach or teacher. I am not a guru or guide. I am a writer. Words have always been the way I make sense of the world, of myself. Through this challenge I hope to shed some light on the best way forward and am looking for fellow travellers on that path. Will you join me?


*A note about the giveaway. Wolf and Word is not affiliated with Yumi Sakugawa or her works, but has chosen to give a copy to one (1) participant at our own cost. To be eligible participants must write and link up their writing three (3) times during the August Moon Challenge and be a subscriber to the Wolf and Word Notebook.

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  1. Please sign up for the August Moon challenge. I love these!

  2. Yes! I’m IN!!!! 🙂

  3. I’ve thrown my hat in the ring and signed up for August Moon! Can’t wait to see what prompts await us all =)

  4. just subscribed to your newsletter.

    looking forward to the august moon installments! 🙂

  5. I’m a bit late joining this party Alana and can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep up but I love having prompts for my own (nearly) daily journalling.
    And I look forward to your monthly musings.
    Best wishes

    • Thank you for signing up! Happy to have you along for the journey, just take on the prompts that take your fancy – no need to do them all if you don’t want – this is a no pressure writing challenge. 🙂

  6. I’m a little late but hopefully I can join the fun.
    Evalina, This and that…

    • Hi Evalina, of course you are welcome to join. The prompts should begin to be sent to you from today, but if you’d like me to send you day 1 and 2 so you can catch up just let me know. Either way (jumping in now, or catching up from the start) is fine. 🙂

  7. It is my birthday today. Birth day. I’m giving myself the present of doing whatever I feel like. In effort to return to self. So, after sunrise in nature, nourishing breakfast, time with my cat and assorted little things, I’ve encountered Wolf and Word. I write and I’m in.

    • Happy Birthday Linda! And welcome! I hope you’re having a fantastic day. You’re welcome to jump right in today or if you’d like the earlier prompts emailed to you, email me and I’ll send them to you :).

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