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It seems whenever I leave blogland for a while, I find it harder to find my way back to a regular rhythm. Last years efforts were disjointed to put it mildly,  the posts as scattered as my mind tends to get sometimes.

And this time? I feel like I’m burning up on re-entry.

Do I still belong here?

Did I ever?

{Do I ever belong anywhere?}

It’s not like I’m lacking in ideas or topics, I have so many things I want to write about, so many things I am going to write about this year. It’s just that I always feel a bit stuck on that kind  “Hey here I am, sorry I haven’t been around” post that tends to accompany these kinds of returns and  give it more importance than I probably need to.  I mean I can’t just barge my way back in to the party, start yapping at you and expect you to be that interested in what I’m saying, right?

I thought the New Year’s word post would be a nice way to slip back in unnoticed. Wave at a few people quietly from the corner.

But I’ve been so absent lately I’m virtually a stranger.

Well, no more!

I’m back, baby.*

There may be little pieces of me missing, floating around in space somewhere, but I made it.

And I’ve got so much to say; words to weave, stories to share, little pieces of my heart to entrust to you.

Here, won’t you take them?

I wrote this for you.

*So, so hesitant to write this, as if writing it means I most likely will now fade into oblivion. Also – can you say ‘I’m back’ without adding baby? Because apparently I can’t.
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