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pretty sky

My Grandfather enjoyed a flutter on the horses.

“Nothing is a certainty, mate.” he said.


That’s not right, I thought.

One plus one equals two.

That’s a certainty isn’t it?

The sky is blue. The grass is green.


I used to collect facts like badges of honour and I prided myself on having the answers.

I was always first to put my hand up:

pick me pick me pick me

let me show you how clever I am.


But sometimes, the grass is brown.

The sky is red and orange and pink and purple

and quite often grey.

Sometimes, things don’t add up.


All in all

I know nothing.


So my Grandfather was right of course.

Nothing is a certainty.

 This post is my response to
Day 1 of #Reverb14 hosted by Kat McNally. Click through to find out more about this reflective writing challenge and to read more responses.


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  1. Your grandfather was a philosopher. Socrates would have agreed with him, at any rate.
    The less we realise we know, the wiser we are. x

  2. This is quite profound…

    I love how well you illustrate with words and memories how ironic life can be.

    Also enjoy your bit of wisdom towards the end.

    Excellent writing! 🙂

  3. What beautiful words to read on my first Reverb! Your grandfather, I think, was a wise man, and you as wise for contemplating his wisdom. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I got a bit stuck on this so I popped to your blog for inspiration… it’s a relief to see I’m not the only one with a questionable relationship with certainty. I haven’t stopped by for a while, good to be back 🙂

    • It is strange how ‘certain’ brought up such a block for me! Nice to see you here Tat, I haven’t been around much anywhere, looking forward to catching up on your blog too.

  5. Love this response and I love the title to your blog! Looking forward to reading more during Reverb14 🙂

  6. What a delightful response!

  7. beautiful words, truth, and shared so well.

  8. Nothing is certain, and I love the way you shared with us your thoughts on why. We as humans spend so much time thinking we know it all when in reality we know much less than we would like. I believe that leaves us exposed, in a position most people fear to be in. To feel like you know everything brings a certain kind of confidence to you, but to take the risk in understanding you know nothing… well that’s just a beautiful thing.

    Lovely post, looking forward to more!

  9. I struggled with writing about certainty because it feels like there is so little that is certain right now. These feel to me like very chaotic times where some of the big things we are supposed to be able too count on like justice & fairness are in short supply. I think perhaps I know a few things for sure…in spite of the chaos there still exist those trying to make sense of it all & trying to help. & that is enough.

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