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On day 2 of August Moon, Kat asks us to consider exactly how we fill our hours.

This is what I realised;

I spend a lot of time getting readywaiting and in transit.

Getting everyone ready in the morning, waiting around for time to go, driving to school and home again.

And I seem to let that sense of “I have somewhere to be later” dictate my days, I seem to flit from task to task, looking at the clock; working out how long I have until it is time to leave again.

Admittedly the recent weeks of sickness in our household has thrown things completely out of whack and that has served to heighten the feelings above.

But when I look at those words – getting ready, waiting and in transit  –  I see how often I feel those things in an overall sense in my life.

Making preparations for something.

Waiting until it feels like the right time.

I feel like I’m on my way, but I’m not sure where I’m heading.

Perhaps I need to rethink the way my days play out.  Actually schedule in the things I’d like to be doing, not just assume I’ll have time for them later.

Maybe I’ll still feel like I’m in transit, but hopefully I’ll have a better idea of where I am heading.

 {August Moon 14 is a reflective writing challenge created by the gorgeous Kat McNally.  

For more of what Kat has to offer, head over to her website.

You’ll be glad you did.}


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