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So I made a few mistakes

I made a few bad decisions

I made myself very small

and as the saying goes,

if you make yourself small, people will stand on your head.


So I made myself a promise

I made myself bigger, stronger

I made myself happy with myself


And that’s when I met you.


I made eyes.

You made a move.

We made out.


You made my heart beat faster.

You made me feel like I was magic.

You made the whole world beautiful.


You asked for my number

and I gave it to you.


So we made conversation.

We made plans.

We made a commitment.


We made a home.

We made a family.

We made two tiny people.


They made things louder

They made our hair turn a little bit grey.

They made the whole world beautiful.


We’ve made it work

for almost eleven years now

and I don’t know what lies ahead.


But I do know this;


You asked for my number

and I gave it to you.


The best decision I have ever



I’m participating in the #ShakeCreative challenge for September. I haven’t decided yet whether each day’s response will be written or if I’ll mix it up, but this kind of came tumbling out of my brain! You should join in the challenge too.

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