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Wolf and Word Notebook #18

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Hello! Long time no notebook! Here’s a list of some of the noteworthy things I have read lately.


I can see no better way to begin than with some writing advice from one of the best, so here are  Seven Tips From F. Scott Fitzgerald on How to Write Fiction via Open Culture.

While writing something earlier this week I had a sudden brain block when it came to Who vs That. I had it right originally (thanks brain – we’ve still got it!) but was glad to have my momentary uncertainty remedied thanks to Grammar Girl via Quick and Dirty Tips.

If you want to school yourself on a bunch of those crazy English grammar rules, maybe you should check out The Busy Blogger’s Guide to English Grammar  by Michelle Russell on the Boost Blog Traffic website.

Zoey Martin wrote about Letting go of being a Precious Creative Flower over at the Shake Creative website which is very timely for me as I re-organise my writing schedule for the 100th time and once again remind myself to JUST WRITE. Her tip on concentrating on the one thing may just have changed my life though, as I find it very hard to just write a blog post without deviating to find the perfect image and having everything publish ready before I will start writing a second. No More! It makes a lot of sense and will hopefully lead to a higher post count than last year.

If you are looking to get organised this Calendars Galore post by Kellie at 74 Lime Lane is a bumper round-up of free printable calendars. There are a bunch of different styles and I must admit to downloading a few because I can see them being useful for different purposes and clearly I have a slight calendar addiction.

And just because we live in amazing universe here are some pictures from NASA of Two Galaxies With Supermassive Black Hole Hearts Colliding  via Gizmodo



I finally got to read Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and am happy to say it lived up to all the praise and hype.

We went for a family movie outing to Big Hero 6 and I really enjoyed it. Oh and so did the kids. Disney, I am satisfied with my care.

I picked up a copy of The Rover on Blu-Ray and it is a really well-done film; tense, excruciating, desolate and disturbing.

Have you read or seen anything inspiring lately?

Know of any must-read writer’s resources?

Let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. Thanks for this Alana. I just bought a gorgeous new calendar, since I decided that we needed one in the house rather than relying on i-calendars,and then I bought Frankie magazine, and they had a perfectly good wall planner that I could have used.
    I am writing a blog post about an amazing book that I finished last week, The Poisonwood Bible.

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