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Writing Exercise – Just because you are a character…

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When writing, I have always been amazed by how we create characters. We conjure up creatures that until this moment did not exist. Sometimes we have a shadow, a wisp of a person in our mind that keeps hanging around, it feels as though they have been there for ages, just waiting for the moment to step forward and tell their story. Sometimes they seem to come from nowhere; strolling up to one of the characters in the story you are writing and introducing themselves, to them and to you really, and you just know they are going to play an important role in what is unfolding.


Sometimes we draw inspiration from people we know (although any similarity to any person living or dead is purely coincidental, of course) and often there is a hefty dosage of ourselves in there (or who we wish we could be) but every now and then along comes a character so detailed, so fleshed-out, so (for want of a better word) real you start to wonder whether they are a figment of your imagination or if you are a figment of theirs. I can hardly believe they have picked me to tell their story.


These are the characters I love to spend my writing time with. I haven’t worked out how their story ends yet. Maybe they will tell me someday soon.


Writing Exercise: Tell me about one of your characters, or work your magic and invent one for this exercise. Don’t only describe them physically, but offer an insight into who they are and what makes them tick. See if you can get them to tell you something interesting.


{Join in with Wolf and Word’s writing exercises. These exercises are designed to inspire, ignite that creative spark and get you writing. Try to write about a page but by all means, continue if you’re on a roll. Want to share your response? Feel free to link it up in the comments below or let me know via TwitterFacebook or Google +.}

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  1. Something else that’s fun to do is to take a historical character and give them some further fictional adventures. I’ve done that with the Comte St. Germaine and Dr. John Dee, and I’m far from the only one to do so. 🙂

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