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Wolf & Word Notebook #17

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Things are a little out of whack which means that I am posting the Wolf & Word Notebook on a Tuesday but I’m hoping that this bumper crop of links will make up for my scheduling issues. Check out what has been inspiring me lately:


As April is national Poetry Month I wanted to kick off this notebook by sharing a couple of original poems I have enjoyed recently. There are some seriously talented poets out there, these three frequently post beautiful work:

In the Woods by Jessica James

April’s Fool by Mrs Mediocrity

 Butterfly by Gabrielo Banks

I also want to let you know that the lovely Kat McNally is hosting April Moon, which is a series of reflective writing prompts designed to take advantage of the energy of the full pink moon It starts today, so head on over if your looking for some great guiding prompts for self-reflection.

I love reading letters from the past and Dani from Sand Has No Home is transcribing a series of letters that her grandmother received during WWI, they can be found at Dear Colina.

Nat Russo shared a great article about the 4 common attributes of successful writers. It’s full of encouragement and I recommend it if you are feeling a little disheartened on your writing journey.

Victoria Addis writes about the importance of books in your writing space (and leaves me wanting more bookshelves).

This article on An Editor’s List of Novel Shortcomings written by James Scott Bell on The Kill Zone blog was very interesting and informative and gives some great pointers for novelists.

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since the awesome zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead was released. To celebrate Edgar Wright has made all three of the Cornetto trilogy’s screenplays available to download here. I downloaded Shaun (written by Wright and Simon Pegg) as it is my favourite of the three, and as well as the joy of experiencing the written form of something so familiar, it also serves as inspiration, a reminder that the movies I love all spring from the same foundation – well-written words.

I opened a Google + Community for anyone interested in discussing writing and promoting their work in a small group, as well as being a space for people to share their responses to my writing exercises if they wish. So far it is a great eclectic mix of all different kinds of writers, so if you’re interested request an invite!


I got to see Captain America : The Winter Soldier on the big screen and I was very impressed. I would go so far as to say this is my favourite of the big Marvel movies so far (which was a surprise to me, as Captain America : The First Avenger is my least favourite!).



Have you seen it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s link line up and inspiration list.

Have you read anything inspiring lately? Know of any must-read writer’s resources? Let me know in the comments below. 



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  1. Thank you so much, I am honored to be in such wonderful company!!

  2. My pleasure Kelly. Every time I read your blog I am blown away by your beautiful writing.

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