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When you read or watch Little Women you identify with Jo. You want to be Jo; fierce, intelligent, strong.

She is the protagonist after all. She’s a writer, too. And isn’t it lovely to have sisters?

Later you realise that you can never be Jo.

You are Amy.

You have always been Amy.

Spoiled. Selfish. Handed everything on a silver platter.

Set apart from the others, the older ones. Never at the same stage in life.

What would you know?

You are the brat.

The baby.

Amy, always.

I am always fascinated with siblings in stories, probably because I have six of my own. I am the second youngest child  and the youngest sister. While writing my current novel, those who I had thought would be the main characters shifted, and a sibling pair emerged as the true protagonists. I’m still not sure how things turn out for them!

Writing Exercise : Birth Order – where do you sit in your family? Eldest? Youngest? Middle child? Only child? How do you think this has affected you during your life?

Apply this prompt to yourself, a character you have created, or create a new character specifically for the exercise. If you’d like to share your response, leave a link in the comments below or share in our Google Plus community.

{More about these exercises and the G+ community can be found here.}

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