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Well, the school year is over which is giving me a chance to catch my breath (and catch up on some Reverb answers.)

Days 7-14 right here:

7. Your favourite selfie in the year of the selfie —
Dark hair in December

Recently I went to my gorgeous niece’s salon for a cut and colour. I am so, so happy with the result – I’m loving the darker shade.  I am so hopeless at hairdresser small talk so it was lovely to have someone I know cut my hair and have a chat and a coffee at the same time.


 8. What Went Right?

A lot went right, when it really comes down to it. A lot of little things going my way.

On a personal note, I was hugely anxious about my boy starting school but he has done so, so well. That was a big thing to go right.

Applied to writing : I wrote. I wrote more this year than I ever have since having my two little Awesomes. That’s a  big plus in my eyes.


9.Who inspired you in 2013? And why? 

I started answering this prompt and it became so long I’ve decided to make it a post all of it’s own. It will be this week’s Wolf & Word Notebook on Friday.


 10. Living life on auto-pilot can feel disorienting and dull. How did you cultivate a life worth loving during 2013?

 My trick for ditching the auto-pilot is to have a plan for when the daily grind does start to wear on you. Something small and unexpected, have breakfast out, stay in and watch a movie, feed the ducks in the park – something that might lift an ordinary week out of that blah place.


11. What challenges lie ahead in 2014? How might you meet them boldly?

I am feeling so full of optimism for the new year right now, how I wish I could bottle it!

I will meet my challenges boldly with the support of those who love me holding my hand and cheering me on, and when I’m feeling not so bold, I will rest and recover before striking out again.


12. I’m a big fan of muddy experiences. They become our greatest teachers when we’re wise enough to exfoliate with them; roll around in the deep until we finally feel ready to get clean.

Today, identify something muddy that kept recurring for you throughout 2013, and then ask yourself this: What’s the clear truth underneath this damn mud if I finally wash myself clean?

I loved this prompt. I loved the ‘stickiness’ of it. I cannot answer it here, but it did make for some interesting pages in my journal.  I still wanted to post it for anyone else who may wish to dive into it.


13. In 2014, how could you explore what community means to you? Where might the alchemy be?

I know that I need to participate more in the communities I belong to (online and offline, big and small) to benefit more from them, to feel more a part of them. I think this is hard for me with my natural tendency to observe, and my questioning whether my own contributions are worthy or relevant.  In 2014, I need to make my voice a little bit louder, and to make sure people know I’d like to help, to contribute and to join in.



14. What was the best decision you made in 2013? What were the results? How will you continue the good work in 2014?

Deciding to Begin –  Making the decision to just start some of the projects I’ve been dreaming up –  Launching Wolf & Word, trying NaNoWriMo. I’m a hesitater from way back so deciding to just get over myself and do things was the best decision I made this year. The results of doing these things is that I have learned so much and I am still learning. I still have lots to do and lots to plan, so I will be continuing to put myself out there and try new things next year.

begin it now
I’m joining in with a bunch of bright and beautiful people for Reverb13, a reflective writing challenge hosted by the amazing and talented Kat McNally.

Click through to check it out.


What was the best decision you made in 2013?


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  1. I remember that post you wrote about your boy started school… feels like it was yesterday! I’m so glad he’s adjusted just fine 😉

  2. I agree. Beginning is a huge step to take. Wishing you the best on your journey in 2014!

  3. Great Blog – #13 – I heard/saw you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of yours too!

  4. Loving the energy in this post, Alana! Wish I could bottle it too. 🙂
    So proud of all you’ve achieved here on this blog, in writing and in life this year, my friend. You have much to celebrate and much to look forward to, methinks.
    I feel so privileged to be sharing the journey with you. xx

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