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Flight and light

by oliver berghold via unsplash


{Image by Oliver Berghold via Unsplash*}


I feel as though I’m talking in circles about this

drifting away from and coming back to this space

always intending to be here but then…

just not.

When I first began blogging, it felt like flying

like I was a passenger on a jet, destination unknown, but I was really enjoying the journey.

It was a way for me to connect with others during a time when I wasn’t really out in the world very much.

It was a place where I was desperately trying to connect with myself, too.

The parts of me that I had forgotten about or just let slide when I had kids.

The parts of me that were drowned out by the anxious thoughts.

It was an escape, a break, a sanctuary.

And then it wasn’t.

Blogging became big business.

Suddenly there was so much advice about when and how and niches and branding and platforms and ugh, overwhelm!

Now my blogs looks like a locked door to me.

I’m on the outside of that door, surrounded by all the stuff I think I should be doing with this space.

On the inside is my writing.

I need to get back to it.

I don’t know if it will ever feel quite like it did at the beginning.

But I’m not sure if I need it to be what it was anyway.

My life looks different than it did back then, I have more space in the here and now.

What I want is for blogging to feel light again.

I want somewhere I am free to be creative and to write about what inspires me, somewhere I can share what lights me up.

I want to somewhere to let my words out to play.

I just need to remember where I left the key.

{With many thanks to Tat at Mum in Search – I purchased a Play Unstuck Taster from her which was the inspiration behind this post.}

*Have you seen Unsplash.com? Great free high res photos. 10 new photos every 10 days – check it out.

I wrote this for you

heart in hand g
It seems whenever I leave blogland for a while, I find it harder to find my way back to a regular rhythm. Last years efforts were disjointed to put it mildly,  the posts as scattered as my mind tends to get sometimes.

And this time? I feel like I’m burning up on re-entry.

Do I still belong here?

Did I ever?

{Do I ever belong anywhere?}

It’s not like I’m lacking in ideas or topics, I have so many things I want to write about, so many things I am going to write about this year. It’s just that I always feel a bit stuck on that kind  “Hey here I am, sorry I haven’t been around” post that tends to accompany these kinds of returns and  give it more importance than I probably need to.  I mean I can’t just barge my way back in to the party, start yapping at you and expect you to be that interested in what I’m saying, right?

I thought the New Year’s word post would be a nice way to slip back in unnoticed. Wave at a few people quietly from the corner.

But I’ve been so absent lately I’m virtually a stranger.

Well, no more!

I’m back, baby.*

There may be little pieces of me missing, floating around in space somewhere, but I made it.

And I’ve got so much to say; words to weave, stories to share, little pieces of my heart to entrust to you.

Here, won’t you take them?

I wrote this for you.

*So, so hesitant to write this, as if writing it means I most likely will now fade into oblivion. Also – can you say ‘I’m back’ without adding baby? Because apparently I can’t.

The Disconnect

It happens and then it happens again.

My mind will grasp at something arbitrary. Something to read, something to count. The DVDs on the shelf. The tiles on the wall.

I’m not sure what I’m doing exactly, trying to get my mind to focus on something here in the present. Trying  to make my thoughts more ordered.

Trying to reconnect.

There has been a lot of disconnection this year.

It feels so heavy, realising it, thinking about it.

This is something I definitely need to address in 2015.

I guess it’s time to get clear about how to do that.

This post is my response to
Day 8 of #Reverb14 hosted by Kat McNally.

Click through to find out more about this reflective writing challenge and to read more responses.

Love your Selfie {2014 edition}


 2012       Dark hair in December

 Above are my selfies from 2012 and 2013

And here’s 2014

I took this photo to celebrate the fact that I had just completed a 12 week fitness program called Learn to Run.  I have gone from barely making it through 1 minute intervals to running for 25 minutes straight. Which is amazing for me. I’m wearing my Wonder Woman tee because I felt like a superhero that day.  I’m a runner now. I would never have believed that of myself a year ago.

Looking at the past two photos makes me a) want to colour my hair black again and b) grab a coffee. Oh I already have one! Caffeine Powers Activate!!

This post is my response to
Day 7 of #Reverb14 hosted by Kat McNally.

Click through to find out more about this reflective writing challenge and to read more responses.

It’s a great way to reflect on  and release your year and get ready for 2015.


pretty sky

My Grandfather enjoyed a flutter on the horses.

“Nothing is a certainty, mate.” he said.


That’s not right, I thought.

One plus one equals two.

That’s a certainty isn’t it?

The sky is blue. The grass is green.


I used to collect facts like badges of honour and I prided myself on having the answers.

I was always first to put my hand up:

pick me pick me pick me

let me show you how clever I am.


But sometimes, the grass is brown.

The sky is red and orange and pink and purple

and quite often grey.

Sometimes, things don’t add up.


All in all

I know nothing.


So my Grandfather was right of course.

Nothing is a certainty.

 This post is my response to
Day 1 of #Reverb14 hosted by Kat McNally. Click through to find out more about this reflective writing challenge and to read more responses.


In My Closet {August Moon 14}


Kat has asked us to look into our closets and see what personalities we discover within.

Who would have thought a prompt about clothes would have me so stumped?

It’s not that I don’t like clothes, or fashion, or dressing up.

It’s just my current wardrobe is a bit lacklustre and I’m more of a ‘Wear the old coat and buy the new book.’* person.

But I can see different aspects of my personality within.

My geek girl/movie-fan side is represented with (perhaps too many) pop culture t-shirts, awaiting warmer days.

My borderline bogan still has her adidas trackies and sports team tee.

My sensible woman has her black pants although I am noticing a distinct lack of nice tops and blouses to pair them with.

My nest loving homebody has a lot of comfy, snug, house clothes.

My slightly ‘woo-woo’ side has yoga pants and clothes with wolf and feather motifs.

My fledgling fit-chick is growing her collection of running tops and pants.

But it’s what is missing from my wardrobe that is glaringly obvious to me upon inspection;

Where are my dresses? Why don’t I have any skirts?

I don’t own much that is floaty and feminine.

It’s interesting that these are the type of clothes that have kind of faded out of my wardrobe, that seem to be at the bottom of my fashion priority list.

I’m not sure why this is so, but I would like to change it.

This summer, I’m going to make it my mission to find at least one dress and one skirt to add to my wardrobe.

If I’m successful, I might even show you guys.

Do you have any favourite dresses or skirts? Could you point me in the direction of your favourite store?

What’s missing from your wardrobe?


*Austin Phelps said this.


{ This is my response to Day 4 of August Moon 14 – a reflective writing challenge created by the gorgeous 

Kat McNally.   

Yeah, I’m a little late to the party, but these prompts from August were so delicious I couldn’t let them pass me by.

For more of what Kat has to offer, head over to her website.

You’ll be glad you did.}

Love {August Moon 14}


On day 3 Kat asks us “What do you love?”

I think this is such a brilliant question.

I really loved pondering my answer.

I love this question so much I’d like to make a proposal.

I’d like to phase out the tired smalltalk tradition of asking people ‘What do you do?’ and I’d like it to be replaced with ‘What do you love?’

To some people what that do is what they love, and that’s great.

If that’s what you love I’d like to hear about it.

When people talk about what they love, they speak with passion. Their eyes sparkle and they become more animated.

Imagine the varied and interesting responses from the people you’re talking to if instead of asking someone what they do, or what their occupation is, you said to them simply “And so, what do you love?”

Imagine their eyes as they reveal to you what makes their heart sing, their smiles as they think about what it is they love. Really listen to their answer as you hear the enthusiasm in their voice. Imagine what you’d learn.

As for me – in no particular order (and this is certainly not an exhaustive list) –

I love:





the ocean



when my husband still looks at me as if maybe I’m magic

hugs from my two little people


great conversations

feeling inspired and lit up

rock music

the full moon on a clear night

the colour red



comfy clothes

pop culture t-shirts





sleep-ins (oh so rare these days)


choc-mint in any incarnation

and increasingly (and surprisingly) running!


How about you?

I would love for you to answer the question in the comments;

What do you love?


{ This is my response to Day 3 of August Moon 14 – a reflective writing challenge created by the gorgeous Kat McNally.   Yeah, I’m a little late to the party, but these prompts from August were so delicious I couldn’t let them pass me by.

For more of what Kat has to offer, head over to her website.

You’ll be glad you did.}


Right Now {August Moon 14}


On day 2 of August Moon, Kat asks us to consider exactly how we fill our hours.

This is what I realised;

I spend a lot of time getting readywaiting and in transit.

Getting everyone ready in the morning, waiting around for time to go, driving to school and home again.

And I seem to let that sense of “I have somewhere to be later” dictate my days, I seem to flit from task to task, looking at the clock; working out how long I have until it is time to leave again.

Admittedly the recent weeks of sickness in our household has thrown things completely out of whack and that has served to heighten the feelings above.

But when I look at those words – getting ready, waiting and in transit  –  I see how often I feel those things in an overall sense in my life.

Making preparations for something.

Waiting until it feels like the right time.

I feel like I’m on my way, but I’m not sure where I’m heading.

Perhaps I need to rethink the way my days play out.  Actually schedule in the things I’d like to be doing, not just assume I’ll have time for them later.

Maybe I’ll still feel like I’m in transit, but hopefully I’ll have a better idea of where I am heading.

 {August Moon 14 is a reflective writing challenge created by the gorgeous Kat McNally.  

For more of what Kat has to offer, head over to her website.

You’ll be glad you did.}






So I made a few mistakes

I made a few bad decisions

I made myself very small

and as the saying goes,

if you make yourself small, people will stand on your head.


So I made myself a promise

I made myself bigger, stronger

I made myself happy with myself


And that’s when I met you.


I made eyes.

You made a move.

We made out.


You made my heart beat faster.

You made me feel like I was magic.

You made the whole world beautiful.


You asked for my number

and I gave it to you.


So we made conversation.

We made plans.

We made a commitment.


We made a home.

We made a family.

We made two tiny people.


They made things louder

They made our hair turn a little bit grey.

They made the whole world beautiful.


We’ve made it work

for almost eleven years now

and I don’t know what lies ahead.


But I do know this;


You asked for my number

and I gave it to you.


The best decision I have ever



I’m participating in the #ShakeCreative challenge for September. I haven’t decided yet whether each day’s response will be written or if I’ll mix it up, but this kind of came tumbling out of my brain! You should join in the challenge too.

Intention {August Moon 14}

heart in hand

So for Day One of August Moon Kat has asked that we set an intention for the journey.

After a long, foggy Winter, where sickness compounded my usual Winter darkness, my intention comes to me quickly and (ahem) clearly.


I want a clear mind, and a clear heart.

A clear way forward.

A sense of direction, purpose.

I want to shake off the fog, the fatigue, the confusion and the darkness of Winter,

and find


 {August Moon 14 is a reflective writing challenge created by the wonderful writer Kat McNally.  

For more of what Kat has to offer, head over to her website.

You’ll be glad you did.}

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