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A Lunar Collaboration



I have been fortunate enough to have been invited by the uber-amazing Kat McNally to collaborate on this year’s April Moon writing challenge.

The challenge begins on Saturday, to coincide with the total lunar eclipse – this particular eclipse being a “blood moon” or “full pink moon” according to Native American lore, and it runs until the New Moon on April 18.

Throughout the challenge participants will be emailed a daily creative prompt in the form of a sentence; which you may use as a basis for reflective writing, or fiction, or poetry, or photography – or whatever creative expression takes your fancy!

If you are so inclined you can add your response to Kat’s link up.

The moon has long been a muse of mine, and I know I am not alone in finding the night sky both a source of solace and inspiration.

Won’t you join us on this April Moon journey and see where our prompts take you?

Go here to sign up (and say Hi to Kat while you are there, she’s awesome!) and find out more about the challenge. There’s also a great April Moon giveaway you’ll want to check out.

I really hope to see you there.



Flight and light

by oliver berghold via unsplash


{Image by Oliver Berghold via Unsplash*}


I feel as though I’m talking in circles about this

drifting away from and coming back to this space

always intending to be here but then…

just not.

When I first began blogging, it felt like flying

like I was a passenger on a jet, destination unknown, but I was really enjoying the journey.

It was a way for me to connect with others during a time when I wasn’t really out in the world very much.

It was a place where I was desperately trying to connect with myself, too.

The parts of me that I had forgotten about or just let slide when I had kids.

The parts of me that were drowned out by the anxious thoughts.

It was an escape, a break, a sanctuary.

And then it wasn’t.

Blogging became big business.

Suddenly there was so much advice about when and how and niches and branding and platforms and ugh, overwhelm!

Now my blogs looks like a locked door to me.

I’m on the outside of that door, surrounded by all the stuff I think I should be doing with this space.

On the inside is my writing.

I need to get back to it.

I don’t know if it will ever feel quite like it did at the beginning.

But I’m not sure if I need it to be what it was anyway.

My life looks different than it did back then, I have more space in the here and now.

What I want is for blogging to feel light again.

I want somewhere I am free to be creative and to write about what inspires me, somewhere I can share what lights me up.

I want to somewhere to let my words out to play.

I just need to remember where I left the key.

{With many thanks to Tat at Mum in Search – I purchased a Play Unstuck Taster from her which was the inspiration behind this post.}

*Have you seen Unsplash.com? Great free high res photos. 10 new photos every 10 days – check it out.

Wolf and Word Notebook #20

WW Notebook Image

Good Morning! It appears to be Monday again, so you know what that means, right? Time for me to share some more resources and sources of inspiration from around the web (and the world).


I shared this one earlier on  the Wolf and Word Facebook page because it is time sensitive so get in quick if you would like to download the screenplays for several of this year’s Oscar-nominated films for free. What a great way to study a quality screenplay. {via Script Magazine.}

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am no fashionista but I did find Sarah Salway’s post Writing in your Swimsuit an interesting read.

Are you a procrastinator like me? You might find Finding your Writing Process – A procrastinator’s journey by Danny Manus has some handy ideas. { via Script Magazine.}

Have you tried any of these Seven Useful Online Writing and Editing Tools ? {via Efren Nolasco }

You may have already heard of Danielle LaPorte, her Desire Map is a great guide to getting clear on what you want, and you may have seen her ‘truthbombs’ floating around on social media but she also shares poetry over on her site. I quite liked this one: Nothing Changes Without Me.

I love this video of Ira Glass explaining ‘the gap‘ via Omeleto.

One of my favourite blogs is actually My Scandinavian Home and carrying over from last week’s admission of a slight obsession with Norway this Serene Norwegian Space has me imagining my future dream home.

And while it is Summer here in Australia these 19 Breathtaking photos of Winter Wonderlands from around the world could have you dreaming of a quick trip overseas (or a nice cold setting for a new story.) {via Modern Met}



Ticking another book off my 2015 list this week I read Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut.  I am happy to say I enjoyed it, as there have been a couple of ‘must-read’ books that I have not really enjoyed recently. I gave it four stars on Goodreads. Feel free to follow me there (and give me your recommendations!).

I also got around to watching The Grand Budapest Hotel which is another fine offering from Wes Anderson, although I must say The Royal Tennenbaums is still my favourite of his movies. It is beautifully filmed and much deserving of its Oscar nominations.


Have you read or seen anything inspiring lately? 

Know of any must-read writer’s resources? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

Wolf & Word Notebook #19

WW Notebook Image

It must be Monday, meaning it’s time to share with you the various resources, articles of interest and sources of inspiration I have found lately.


I’ll kick off this week’s list with a little poetry, firstly I found these Two by Heather Altfeld over at the new Okey-Panky Magazine (an offshoot of Electric Literature.)

And despite the title, I also liked Smelling the things she dreamed of by Broke-Ass Stuart via Medium.

I also just have to share this beautifully written piece by Andie Fox for the What I’m Reading series on the Meanjin blog.

In terms of resources this list of 52 Things Ideas for Writers by Brooke Warner via the Huffington Post has some interesting pointers.

If you are looking to get published and are not yet following Aerogramme Writers’ Studio then you really should get on that. Here’s a link to their list of Publication Opportunities for Writers – February and March 2015   – they post these regularly. They do round-ups of writing contests too. Well worth a look.

I’m not on Wattpad but I think it’s an interesting concept and definitely not something I’ve ruled out completely. Here’s a nice little introductory article – How to Publish on Wattpad via Writer’s Circle.

And I could not rule this out for pure visual inspiration.  Did I ever tell you Norway is very high on my travel wishlist? This might show you why – Norway – A Timelapse Adventure  via Rustad Media.



This week I’ve been reading about some of this year’s Academy Awards contenders in Empire Magazine Australia’s February issue and adding to my ever-increasing list of films I need to see. The full list of nominations can be found here.

Are you a film fan? What are your picks for this year’s Oscars?

Have you read or seen anything inspiring lately? 

Know of any must-read writer’s resources? 

Let me know in the comments below. 


Wolf and Word Notebook #18

WW Notebook Image

Hello! Long time no notebook! Here’s a list of some of the noteworthy things I have read lately.


I can see no better way to begin than with some writing advice from one of the best, so here are  Seven Tips From F. Scott Fitzgerald on How to Write Fiction via Open Culture.

While writing something earlier this week I had a sudden brain block when it came to Who vs That. I had it right originally (thanks brain – we’ve still got it!) but was glad to have my momentary uncertainty remedied thanks to Grammar Girl via Quick and Dirty Tips.

If you want to school yourself on a bunch of those crazy English grammar rules, maybe you should check out The Busy Blogger’s Guide to English Grammar  by Michelle Russell on the Boost Blog Traffic website.

Zoey Martin wrote about Letting go of being a Precious Creative Flower over at the Shake Creative website which is very timely for me as I re-organise my writing schedule for the 100th time and once again remind myself to JUST WRITE. Her tip on concentrating on the one thing may just have changed my life though, as I find it very hard to just write a blog post without deviating to find the perfect image and having everything publish ready before I will start writing a second. No More! It makes a lot of sense and will hopefully lead to a higher post count than last year.

If you are looking to get organised this Calendars Galore post by Kellie at 74 Lime Lane is a bumper round-up of free printable calendars. There are a bunch of different styles and I must admit to downloading a few because I can see them being useful for different purposes and clearly I have a slight calendar addiction.

And just because we live in amazing universe here are some pictures from NASA of Two Galaxies With Supermassive Black Hole Hearts Colliding  via Gizmodo



I finally got to read Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and am happy to say it lived up to all the praise and hype.

We went for a family movie outing to Big Hero 6 and I really enjoyed it. Oh and so did the kids. Disney, I am satisfied with my care.

I picked up a copy of The Rover on Blu-Ray and it is a really well-done film; tense, excruciating, desolate and disturbing.

Have you read or seen anything inspiring lately?

Know of any must-read writer’s resources?

Let me know in the comments below. 


Wolf & Word Notebook #17

WW Notebook Image

Things are a little out of whack which means that I am posting the Wolf & Word Notebook on a Tuesday but I’m hoping that this bumper crop of links will make up for my scheduling issues. Check out what has been inspiring me lately:


As April is national Poetry Month I wanted to kick off this notebook by sharing a couple of original poems I have enjoyed recently. There are some seriously talented poets out there, these three frequently post beautiful work:

In the Woods by Jessica James

April’s Fool by Mrs Mediocrity

 Butterfly by Gabrielo Banks

I also want to let you know that the lovely Kat McNally is hosting April Moon, which is a series of reflective writing prompts designed to take advantage of the energy of the full pink moon It starts today, so head on over if your looking for some great guiding prompts for self-reflection.

I love reading letters from the past and Dani from Sand Has No Home is transcribing a series of letters that her grandmother received during WWI, they can be found at Dear Colina.

Nat Russo shared a great article about the 4 common attributes of successful writers. It’s full of encouragement and I recommend it if you are feeling a little disheartened on your writing journey.

Victoria Addis writes about the importance of books in your writing space (and leaves me wanting more bookshelves).

This article on An Editor’s List of Novel Shortcomings written by James Scott Bell on The Kill Zone blog was very interesting and informative and gives some great pointers for novelists.

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since the awesome zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead was released. To celebrate Edgar Wright has made all three of the Cornetto trilogy’s screenplays available to download here. I downloaded Shaun (written by Wright and Simon Pegg) as it is my favourite of the three, and as well as the joy of experiencing the written form of something so familiar, it also serves as inspiration, a reminder that the movies I love all spring from the same foundation – well-written words.

I opened a Google + Community for anyone interested in discussing writing and promoting their work in a small group, as well as being a space for people to share their responses to my writing exercises if they wish. So far it is a great eclectic mix of all different kinds of writers, so if you’re interested request an invite!


I got to see Captain America : The Winter Soldier on the big screen and I was very impressed. I would go so far as to say this is my favourite of the big Marvel movies so far (which was a surprise to me, as Captain America : The First Avenger is my least favourite!).



Have you seen it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s link line up and inspiration list.

Have you read anything inspiring lately? Know of any must-read writer’s resources? Let me know in the comments below. 



Wolf & Word Notebook #16

WW Notebook Image

Hey everyone, how’s 2014 treating you so far? I’ve had a great week; the weather has been gorgeous and I’ve gotten a lot of things organised in my household which is a great feeling. Here are a few things that are inspiring me this week:


Author and writing coach Sarah Selecky shared a retrospective of her favourite posts from 2013 which are well-worth checking out. I particularly liked Tigers on a gold leash. I love Sarah’s writing style and her advice. She also hosts The Little Bird Writing Contest which is an annual short-story writing competition. If short stories are your thing you should definitely consider entering.

I love this post from Zee Southcombe listing 20 ways to support a Writer. It lists practical ways to support the writers you know, and a great reminder of how we can help and support each other.

Zee’s great blog was brought to my attention via Google Plus, namely a fantasy writers community I belong to. When it comes to supportive fellow writers, there are some really great communities and authors to be found over at Google Plus.  If you are on G+ why don’t you add me to your circles?

This post from Sarah Prout about Balancing the Online and Offline Worlds really spoke to me this morning.  One of my goals this year is better use of my time on social media, more connecting and less aimless scrolling! I do need to adjust my morning routine, and I think it’s important to do some real living before jumping straight into the online world.

I was lucky enough to win a spot in Sarah’s Sprout Mastermind group late last year. It’s a great group full of inspiring women and I cannot wait to get stuck into the new training modules.  If you are interested in applying for the next intake of members go here now, applications close on January 12!

Speaking of an online/offline balance it seems as though John Anthony James will have that pretty much covered in the future when it comes to his writing lifestyle. I really enjoyed this post because this kind of routine sounds dreamy and it got me thinking about my dream lifestyle.


I finally watched Season 1 Episode 1 of the BBC series Sherlock. I’m not sure why I waited so long; this show is really well done, and the casting seems to be perfect. I can’t wait to watch some more.

I got to catch up on the most recent instalments of two of my favourite comics, Lazarus from Greg Rucka, Michael Lark and Santi Arcas, and Velvet from Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. Great writing with kick-ass female leads and awesome art? Yes please.

Lazarus Velvet

And now I have a three day weekend to spend with my three favourite people on the planet!

How do you think you do with the online/offline balance thing?

What’s inspiring you this week?

If you’ve written something great or read something you’ve loved this week and want to share, let me know in the comments. Links are most welcome – I’d love some extra reading over the weekend.

  P.S. Don’t forget – you can still link up to my monthly writing challenge. Add your blog post around the monthly prompt [this month the word is fresh] to my link-up here.The link-up will close on Thursday.

Wolf & Word Notebook #15

WW Notebook Image

Welcome to the first Wolf & Word Notebook of 2014.  The notebook is a weekly feature in which I show you what’s inspiring me at the moment.  It’s not a huge line-up of links for you this week, as I have been making the most of the holidays and spending some time away from the screen. Here’s what has been inspiring me this week:


A new year is the perfect time to change your desktop wallpaper and Smashing Magazine  provides free downloadable wallpapers each month. Go check them out and give your desktop a fresh look (I bet you can guess which one I chose this month!)

Goodreads is a fantastic place to record what you are reading and to connect with other readers, and I love participating in the yearly reading challenge. How many books do you want to read this year? Sign up and see if you can reach your target. My target probably seems pretty low compared to some of the more rabid readers among you, but my love of reading has to compete with my love of movies, and my to-watch list is pretty long this year.

Do you chose a word to guide you for the year? As a lover of words I like the idea of a guiding word, a ‘theme’ if you will. I’m still ruminating on mine. If you’re looking for some inspiration check out the posts linked up at Maxabella’s annual One Word Linky.

And don’t forget, if you want to join in with my monthly writing challenge, write a post in response to the prompt “Fresh” and link it up here.


I got my new diary in the post today, this year I’ve gone with a Moleskine in red.  There’s nothing like a fresh diary to get me writing down some goals and making plans. It has the little expandable pocket at the back, which I think is an essential diary feature. Also, I’m a week-to-view girl, how about you?

I’m about to dive into The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, I will let you know what I think.

I’ve been catching up on a few movies over the holidays and one that I really enjoyed was The Silver Linings Playbook. 

Wow! Notebook number 15. 15 is one of my all-time favourite numbers. Do you have a favourite number?

What’s inspiring you this week?

If you’ve written something great or read something you’ve loved this week and want to share, let me know in the comments. Links are most welcome – I’d love some extra reading over the weekend.

Wolf & Word Notebook #14

WW Notebook Image
For day 9 of reverb13 we were asked: Who inspired you in 2013? And why?

I thought the Notebook would be a great place to share my answer to this prompt.


One of the standouts in this year of ‘Upworthy’ posts and links with titles like ‘This is the most inspiring video you will watch in your entire life’ would have to be Mr Dave Grohl talking about using your voice.

Yep it’s a long one. But worth watching. I’m adding a re-watch to my list of things to do just for me before the year’s out.



Closer to home I am inspired by my family and friends. I am lucky enough to have some amazing people in my life.

My beautiful partner/husband/best friend/soulmate Joe who gives me the gift of love, every day, the best source of inspiration there is.

My children who show me different ways of looking at the world and make me want to be a better human being.

My Mum who just graduated with a diploma, her first foray into tertiary education, who shows me to keep going after what you want.

My Dad who tells me I’m doing a good job with my kids (and having no idea what it means to me to have someone say that, when I struggle with feeling like I am ‘less than’ because I do not work outside the home.) He gives me the gift of support.

My siblings, all beautiful big-hearted people, whose successes inspire me to reach higher also, and whose struggles I wish I could fix but cannot. All six of them (and the families they have created) inspire me in myriad ways daily in ways they probably don’t realise, and I am grateful for them all.

I am inspired by the amazing and exciting things my friends have been up to over the course of the year. I hope that I can catch up with some of my faraway friends next year.

And where the offline and the online world cross-over I am inspired by the people who I have connected with through writing and blogging. Our wonderful reverb hostess Kat, for example, inspires me with her openness and her generosity and absolute loveliness and she inspires me to cultivate these qualities in myself.

And finally, I am inspired by you! Yes you. Just the idea that someone is reading what I am writing lights me up and  inspires me to keep going. For every comment, retweet, Facebook like, instagram ❤︎ and page view – Thank YOU.



I’m joining in with a bunch of bright and beautiful people for Reverb13, a reflective writing challenge hosted by the amazing and talented Kat McNally.

Click through to check it out.

Also linking up with Grace for FYBF, a great friendly place to share your fave post of the week.

Who inspired you in 2013?

Wolf & Word Notebook #13

WW Notebook Image

For this week’s inspiration I want to introduce you to a wonderful writing/blogging/personal challenge  – #reverb13.

It is hosted by Kat McNally over at I Saw You Dancing and is a great way to reflect on your year and make some plans for the year ahead.

I participated last year, and I love that it’s not a strict ‘ you must post-every day’ challenge (although you are quite welcome to do that if that’s your style). I prefer to ponder the prompts privately in my journal, and then share whichever insights are fit for public consumption in one post every few days. It’s also fun to play along with short answers via twitter and visual answers via instagram.  Kat is a wonderful host and her retweeting and sharing of other participants words makes it easy to connect with the other like-minded souls who are playing along.

Participating in reverb is a welcome (and necessary) pocket of time I take out of my day just for me which is invaluable at this hectic time of year. It also ensures that I am taking the time to keep on writing amidst all the craziness of the silly season.

The challenge runs for three weeks beginning on December 1, and if you sign up to receive the prompts via email by 9PM AEST on December 7 you will be in the running to win a great prize, with  a Desire Map 2014 Day Planner or a Desire Map Workbook and Journal from Danielle LaPorte’s upcoming Desire Map collection up for grabs!

So if #reverb13 sounds like something you’d like to participate in, click on the gorgeous button below and go sign up!


What’s inspiring you this week?

If you’ve written something great or read something you’ve loved this week and want to share, let me know in the comments. Links are most welcome – I’d love some extra reading over the weekend.

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